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An Interview with Malcolm Gregson – Former Ryder Cup Player – Team Europe 1967

Malcolm in the Middle

An interview with Malcolm Gregson – Ryder cup rookie – Team Europe 1967

MALCOLM GREGSON – Team Appearances

Ryder Cup
(representing Great Britain): 1967

World Cup
(representing England): 1967

R.T.V. International Trophy
(representing England): 1967 (winners)

Double Diamond International
(representing England): 1975


An Interview with Malcolm Gregson

Malcolm Gregson is former European Number One, Former Open Championship Player and former Ryder Cup player amongst other golfing accolades, most of all now Malcolm is now a treasured part of the Signature Golf team.  Further more in addition to being a golf advisor he enjoys spending time regaling our clients with golfing memories and stories and teaching bunker clinics to our groups visiting the UK to play golf.


1.Malcolm first of all, tell us about this photograph of you and Gary Player?
“This is me at 20 years of age playing the last 2 rounds of The British Open at St Andrews in 1964. A wonderful experience for me playing with the “great man”. The championship was won by the great “Champagne” Tony Lema”

2. Why do you think the Ryder cup is such a popular tournament?

“Because it’s the ultimate team event of any sport and thanks to TV, the media and the wonderful players either side of the Atlantic competing, it’s grabbed the imagination of all golfers … both high and low handicaps”

3. In 1967 a rookie playing in your first Ryder Cup on the worlds golf stage – How did you feel on that first tee shot?

“Absolutely terrified! To face the great Arnold Palmer, then 37 and in his prime, in my first match was something to remember for ever! Guess who won? … Correct … AP!”

4. Share with us you most favourite Ryder cup moment as a player?

“Favourite moment … ” watching and listening in ” as best we could in the locker room to the U.S captain Ben Hogan’s “opening” team talk at Champions Country Club Houston. You’d have thought that Messrs. Palmer, Boros, Casper, Sanders, Littler, Brewer, Dickinson, Geiberger, Pott and Nichols were all naughty school boys being “instructed” by their Headmaster. Then, when it was time to warm up on the range, the U.S team had to watch Mr.Hogan practice first … No doubt to gain inspiration !!”

5. What do you think makes a great captain for the Ryder cup team?

“Someone who is respected and “has been there”, and is a friend to all his players .. Is a great tactician and listens to the opinions of his team and vice captains … pairings wise. He must be a great motivator”

6.Finally in addition do we need to ask who you are supporting this year?

“Obviously Europe … but I think the U.S have their greatest chance to win since Valhalla in 2008 when the U.S had possibly their greatest motivator … Paul Azinger”


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